Winter in Germany – Winter Depression (part 2)

Even during summer, the weather is relatively cold for me. And I tend to eat a lot [see Body Adaptation under this topic] to cope with the cold. So I imagine, how would it be during winter? Probably I’ll just do nothing and keep eating all the time.

Strangely, that’s not the case. In the first two weeks, suddenly I lost my appetite! I know that people who know me well in Indonesia wouldn’t believe me. But this is really happening to me! I just don’t like to eat. I only eat small portion for breakfast, medium portion for lunch and nothing at all for dinner!!! I even can’t finish my lunch in Mensa (student canteen)! And in the evening, I just don’t eat at all. My food stocks become untouched for some moments. This is so crazy… this is not me at all. Well if this is really me, I never know that I have this character inside me…!!!

Finally I can pass this strange form of depression. When the Christmas mode starts to appear, there are a lot of sweets and cookies everywhere. Apparently these kinds of foods are the best one to raise my appetite. I am back to normal ever since.

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