Winter in Germany – Emotional Breakdown

I also have experienced this during winter. It happens during a bright sunny day. Well, it’s a bright sunny day, it should be a lovely day. So I enjoy myself walking out alone. But it’s winter. Although the sun is shining so full and without cloud, the weather is still cold. And at that moment, I can’t feel the fingers in my hand!!! They all numb!

And when I experience this, suddenly my feelings are mixing up so fast. It’s all mixed up and suddenly I feel that I hate this place. The sun is shining, how come I can’t feel my fingers? And that thought comes again: “Why am I here?” I am just a tropical species, studying about tropical marine, why should I suffer the winter???

So there I am, in a middle of the street alone and having this emotional breakdown. I almost cry because of these mixed emotional feelings. Fortunately, I can overcome this situation quickly and go back into normal mode again. God, winter is really really so depressing!

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