Frankfurt am Main

Not much that I can say about this city as I have not exploring much about it. However, in this city, I learn much about traveling alone especially in using the city transportation such as U-Bahn (the underground one) and S-Bahn (the fast one). This can happened because in Frankfurt I visit my friend who is working, so he can’t take me around the city. Instead, he taught me how to travel alone in the city; which becomes a valuable lesson for me. And after this trip, I gain a lot of confidence to travel alone to other cities in Germany.

I know it sounds so silly that I have to learn about city transportation in other city, but in Bremen, there’re no U-Bahn and S-Bahn. So at first, I am so clueless with all the line codes, signs, and where to find the platform. More over, I am also clueless in buying the ticket from the machines. I don’t know which code that I should enter and what kind of ticket that I should buy. There’re too many types! In Bremen, I never find this kind of ticket machine. Tram and bus tickets are sold in the main train station and inside the vehicle. You just go to the driver and buy there, so you don’t have to be bothered by all the codes or ticket types.

But again, now I’ve learned it and I’ve done it in Frankfurt. (Visited at 21-23 Dec 2007)

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