Places to Visit in Berlin

Since Berlin is a special place, even the road signs there also special. Just pay attention at these crossing lights. Aren’t they cute?

To do a sight seeing of the city, you don’t even need to join any tour. There’re 2 busses that pass most of the major tourist places in the city. And what makes it perfect, the busses are double-decker ones so you can see the city from above. Many tourists also doing it and the drivers can speak English so they can help you if you need information.

As a part of marine community, my chosen places to be visited are not far from marine theme. There are 2 places related for this, one is the state aquarium and the other is private-sector aquarium called ‘Sea Life’.

In the (state) Aquarium, the place is nice but somewhat a bit stiff in design. The remark mostly in German. Only small part that also contain English.

In the Sea Life, the design is funkier. All the remarks are bilingual so this is really a nice place to visit. However, there’re times when the Sea Life’s staff make a presentation about the animals, and during this they present it in German. Another thing, there’re many warning signs here that forbid the visitors to take pictures with flash as it can make the fish stress. Hmmmm… why such a warning isn’t present in the Aquarium?

Anyway, also in this place you can see a giant aquarium tower in the middle of a hotel! To see the whole aquarium there’s special lift for it in the middle of the tank! So amazing!

Actually I still want to visit the Museuminsel or museum island but I have no time for it. I guess this would be a good reason for me to go back to Berlin :)

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