Places to Visit in Stuttgart

A day after Christmas, Thank God, many tourist places are open. So at least I didn’t just go there, taking pictures and go back.

First stop is Schlossplatz. In here you can find the old palace and new palace including some monuments in 1 area. In short, this is the best place to take pictures as evidence that you have been to Stuttgart.

TV Tower. This is the oldest TV Tower in Germany. It was built in 1956. Here, you can take a lift to the top of the tower and look at the city of Stuttgart from an open air.

VFB Stuttgart Stadium. It was closed when I visit there, so I just take a picture there. However, I can’t find any sign that stated this is a stadium in Stuttgart. So I don’t blame anybody if they don’t believe that I’ve been there.

Mercedes Benz Museum. What can I say, although I am not crazy about car, but still this museum is a cool one. It’s about the history of the Mercedes Benz from the scratch to the present time.

What makes it amazing, the museum is pretty hi-tech. Every visitor is equipped with a small device and earphone for audio guide. We can hear the explanation by pointing this device to the boards that have audio guide sign. So it feels like we have our own personal guide.


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