Fasting in Germany

As a Moslem, doing fasting during Ramadan month is part of the challenging obligation. This time I have to take the challenge during autumn. In Indonesia, where the sun is shining constantly the whole year, the fasting time is + 14 hours daily. While in the four seasons countries, that isn’t the case.

The Ramadan starts at the transition from summer to autumn so in the beginning the fasting time is a bit longer, more than 15 hours. But as it enters autumn, the fasting time become shorter and shorter. In the last week of Ramadan, the fasting time even only for about 12 hours!

Yes, of course it supposes to be easier as the fasting hour is less but somehow it’s not that easy. During autumn, the weather is getting colder and colder and this is the trigger to make you easier to get hungry. So somehow it’s so challenging as your body need something to be burned but you have to hold it. But hey, that’s the fun part of it: testing yourself into a new challenge. In the end, this tropical species can be proud that she overcomes the challenge ;)

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