Postal Administration

This time, I don’t understand the administration of postal service. Here’s the story… I order a concert ticket via Internet. And the ticket will be delivered by post. I have done it before. I will get a notification from post office, that I should take the ticket at post office by showing my ID. So, nobody else can take the ticket but me.

This time when I got the notification, I am in a very busy period. I have a lot of work and I always come home above 6PM. Even in Saturday, I have another commitments. So during the working hours of the post office, I am always busy. I thought, I would take the ticket later on when I am not busy anymore. Beside, the concert is still in August. I don’t have to be hurry.

But then in two weeks, I receive an email from the concert organizer. They say that due to the fact that I haven’t pick up the ticket, they withdraw the ticket. What?!!! Where’s this rule come from???!!!

So I send email to the organizer that I was busy and couldn’t pick up the ticket. However, at that time I am ready to go traveling for 2 weeks in the next 2 days. I am afraid that if they send me again while I am away, they will withdraw again and that might cost me some money. So I tell them my situation. If they are not sure that the ticket will be ready tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it is better that they send me again after 2 weeks.

Two notifications from the post office

Apparently they have good service. They response to my email quickly and send the ticket again within a day. So in the next day I could get my notification from the post office.

As planned, I got the notification in the next day. Afraid that the ticket will be withdrawn again, I rush to the post office to take it. But then, unbelievably, the post officer says that the ticket has not arrived. According to him, if I got the notification today, it means I could pick it up in the next day. Whaaaattt???!!! There is no such thing written on the notification. And to me, it just doesn’t make sense: why you tell somebody to pick something in a day when actually that something is not there yet… Weird!!!

So I go home that day and I come back to pick it up in the next day. This time it works. Finally I can get my ticket. But it’s just weird administration process…

Blaas of Glory

La Strada is back! La Strada is a street artists festival where there are tons of free performances. It’s a yearly event in Bremen but normally it’s around August – September. This time it’s in June!

I am so excited with it and in the past years I had uploaded some of the performances in my YouTube channel. However this year, during the La Strada, I have too many commitments. From German class in Saturday morning to party invitations, I don’t have a chance to enjoy La Strada like before.

But even in the limited time available, I still try to see La Strada. I checked the program online and my eyes stumble on a performer called Blaas of Glory. It said that Blaas of Glory is a marching band from the Netherlands that plays heavy metal songs. What?!!! It’s so me… I have to see these guys.

When I checked the schedule, the only time that I have to see their performance is on Sunday noon. So I drag myself to see their show although I have lack of sleep from the last night’s party. I bring my camera to record their performance.

When I arrived, they are still rehearsing in their tent. So I have a chance to get a good position. There is a stage and I thought they will perform there, so I stand in front of the stage. But then when they come up, they marched with “Final Countdown” song and they don’t go to the stage! Instead, they perform on staircases in front of a building! But then I take advantage of the stage, I climb the stage and stand on there. I get a good view and can record their performance.

As I assumed, their performance is hilarious. They wear wigs and spandex, just like 80s hair metal band. Too bad most of the audiences are either old people or children, so they don’t understand the 80s culture. The audiences’ response is not that much although they clap a lot. I enjoy their performance, but I guess they can go crazier if the audiences cheer more. But overall it’s ok. Blaas of Glory becomes my new favorite performer.

Blaas of Glory performs 6 songs: Final Countdown as the opening and closing songs, I love Rock N’ Roll, Jump, Fat Bottomed Girl, and Sweet Child O’ Mine. I want to sing along loud but I am a bit unconfident because other audiences are quiet in general. I don’t want to draw so much attention in this kind of crowd. I sing along but not as loud as if I am in a real rock concert. Nonetheless, I think I have drawn attention from the band. The lead singer points at me when they play “Fat Bottomed Girl”. Nice!

After finishing the performance, the band doesn’t rush back to their tent. They spend time for collecting money, taking pictures with audiences, and talking to audiences. Of course I also approach them to take picture. I manage to take picture with one of the drummers and the lead vocalist. I even talk for a while with the lead vocalist about our countries of origin.

Surely, Blaas of Glory is in my favorite list now.