Postal Administration

This time, I don’t understand the administration of postal service. Here’s the story… I order a concert ticket via Internet. And the ticket will be delivered by post. I have done it before. I will get a notification from post office, that I should take the ticket at post office by showing my ID. So, nobody else can take the ticket but me.

This time when I got the notification, I am in a very busy period. I have a lot of work and I always come home above 6PM. Even in Saturday, I have another commitments. So during the working hours of the post office, I am always busy. I thought, I would take the ticket later on when I am not busy anymore. Beside, the concert is still in August. I don’t have to be hurry.

But then in two weeks, I receive an email from the concert organizer. They say that due to the fact that I haven’t pick up the ticket, they withdraw the ticket. What?!!! Where’s this rule come from???!!!

So I send email to the organizer that I was busy and couldn’t pick up the ticket. However, at that time I am ready to go traveling for 2 weeks in the next 2 days. I am afraid that if they send me again while I am away, they will withdraw again and that might cost me some money. So I tell them my situation. If they are not sure that the ticket will be ready tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it is better that they send me again after 2 weeks.

Two notifications from the post office

Apparently they have good service. They response to my email quickly and send the ticket again within a day. So in the next day I could get my notification from the post office.

As planned, I got the notification in the next day. Afraid that the ticket will be withdrawn again, I rush to the post office to take it. But then, unbelievably, the post officer says that the ticket has not arrived. According to him, if I got the notification today, it means I could pick it up in the next day. Whaaaattt???!!! There is no such thing written on the notification. And to me, it just doesn’t make sense: why you tell somebody to pick something in a day when actually that something is not there yet… Weird!!!

So I go home that day and I come back to pick it up in the next day. This time it works. Finally I can get my ticket. But it’s just weird administration process…


Anonymous said...

If you havent noticed yet, it's underlined on the right note "... kann ab dem nächsten Werktag, ab ___ Uhr abgeholt werden" which translates to "can be picked up the next working day, after ___ oclock".

dibilangin, bikin packstation dong.. :p

asti said...

Tumben komen!