The Epilogue

Now I am back in my home country Indonesia. I am glad that I am home, especially when Germany starting to get cold again. However, I feel extremely sad to leave Germany. I feel part of me is missing. I miss my lovely friends, my cozy room, my walk at Botanical Garden, my daydreaming time in a tram, my football watching and playing time, my, my, my… In short, I miss my life in Bremen.

Maybe I have said this before. But it doesn’t matter I will say it again. I feel very blessed to have an opportunity living in Germany. It was an extraordinary adventure which I will not forget for the rest of my life. I will not forget my friends, because they are my family there; and I even have considered some of them as my brothers and sisters. Again, I am very blessed because now I have family and friends from many corners of the world.

Even this blog had brought me some new friends and family. I thank you all the readers especially for those who doesn’t know me in the beginning. Thanks for all the warm regards, comments, supports, and of course, friendship.

But my adventure in Germany is over now; and life goes on. It is time for me to start something new; it is time to start a new adventure in a new place. And after getting lazy for 2.5 months; well also getting nerve-wracking in waiting for the new job; I will start my new adventure this December.

I will work in a city called Tanjung Redeb. This city is the capital city of Berau District in East Borneo. I will work on marine conservation issues in Derawan Archipelago which is a place for sea turtle sanctuary and unharmed jellyfish. For those who want to follow my new adventure, just go to Adventure Berau.

C U there! :)