Another Bank Administration Ridiculousness

When I left Germany after my master study, I didn’t close my bank account. At that time I was very optimistic that I would go back to Germany for further study. And if I could go back, I don’t have to do the administration hassle all over again to open a Bank account.

So apparently my optimism was paid off. I could go back to Germany and one of the first things to do was to inform the bank about my new address. And I did. So all the bank statements now are coming to my new address.

However, there’s this particular procedure in German online banking system. To be able to authorize our online transaction, we have to put serial algorithmic code called the TAN numbers. What makes it strange, they print the TAN numbers in a paper and then send the paper to your address. In Indonesia, we use a small tamagotchi-like gadget called ‘token’. It’s electronic and it contains millions if algorithmic codes. So it’s a strange comparison. Germany, known for its advanced technology, is still using paper-based method. While Indonesia is using more moderate one. (Please read Internet Banking).

Anyway… So after awhile, my TAN numbers are finished. I have used all the 100 TAN numbers that the bank gave me. But strangely, I didn’t get the new TAN numbers. So I went to my bank to ask about it. Apparently my address in the online banking system is still using the old one! Whaaaat??? I have changed my address and have gotten any new bank statements and promotions to my new address. But apparently the bank doesn’t have integrated system, so the online banking system still considers me living in the old address!!! And yes, my new TAN numbers were delivered to my old address. Talking about advanced technology…