My Master Course Program

My Master Course Program is given in English so it will make the students easier to understand the class rather than if it is given in German. For me, although I am familiar with English-speaking-work-environment, still I never have a science study class in English.

Of course I have doubt whether I could survive the program or not. And this doubt is becoming thicker and thicker as we are flooded by study materials. I am afraid that I can’t pass the minimum criteria and expectations that have been set. Well at least in Indonesia (during my bachelor study), that’s how they did it. Students are expected to know and understand almost everything. And if you don’t, then the lecturer will start complaining about how lousy and ignorant you are. More or less…

Surprisingly, and Thank God, that’s not happening in here. Hopefully never be… In here, they just give you some foundation about the topic and if you are interested you can continue further by asking more materials or having discussion with your professor. So it seems like every lecturer just promotes their field. It’s up to you, to be interested or not. No pressure. You have a right not to know everything, which surely relieving. Especially my working experiences have shaped my interest and more or less I know what kind of topic that I would like to do my research on.

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