Christmas Time

In the 24th, people are still everywhere filling up the streets and stores. But after 2 PM, they become disappear. The stores are closed and people start to fade away from the streets. Only few stores are still open like in the central station or non-Christian shops like Turkish or Asian shops.

I experience this in Munich. My friend even feels surprise to find out for the first time that Munich looks like a ghost town. However when we go to Nymphenburg Schloss/ Palace, many people are visiting there for skating or taking a walk.

In the 25th, no stores are open except the ones in the central station and airport. Well at least, that’s what I saw. The streets are still relatively empty. Not many people there.

I experience this in Munich and Stuttgart. In both places, the public transportation operates rarely than usual.

In the 26th, although most of the stores are still closed but people start appear in the street. Few temporary food stands are open in the city center. Places like city centre and opened tourism objects are full with people.

I experience this in Stuttgart. Again, I remember the situation in tourism places in Indonesia during Idul Fitri. See, it’s not so different…

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