Trip to Berlin (Lift sharers part 3)

As it becomes a first choice, I use the lifting service (mitfahr) to go to Berlin. This time it’s so easy to find as many people also go there just to celebrate New Year and go back. But for some reasons, I end up use different traveler for going there and coming back. It turns out that the trip to go to Berlin is the nicest one so far in my lifting history. The main travelers are nice young couple and my travel mate is a guy, they all are native Bremen but they talk mostly in English so I don’t feel alienated. And even better, we talked about something that I am pretty good at: football!

In the end, they drop me in my hostel. This is really nice as usually this kind of service never provide this privilege. Usually they just travel from point to point as they want it and won’t bother to turn a bit just to drop one passenger. So yes, this one is the nice one.

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