Winter in Germany – Winter Depression (part 1)

Before, I’ve heard that winter also identical with depression. I even heard that during winter, the suicide rate is higher because of this depression. I thought, how come weather could affect you so much? How come it messed up all the principles that you believe in? Apparently I can get these answers by experiencing it!

Winter equals longer dark period within a day. And as the dark come, you tend to feel that it’s already night and you need to rest or stay at home. Here’s the thing: you can’t do much outdoor as it’s cold and dark but staying home early also can make you bored. So you have to balance this somehow. If you really want to have an activity outside home then you have to brace yourself to go out for reaching your destination. And believe me, this is not easy. A walk to the bus or tram stop in a cold dark weather is torturing. So once you are home, you tend to stay. That’s why you will just end up in home and get bored. And for me, I start questioning myself: “Why am I here?”

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