Places to Visit in Munich

When I went there, it was a Christmas holiday time. So, not much to see as many places are closed. However, I managed to visit some of places that I found interesting.

First is the Allianz Arena. This is the newest stadium of Bayern München. Unfortunately this place was closed when I came, so I just take a picture in front of it.

Olympiapark. This is the area where the 1972 Olympic Games were held. The architectures are very fascinating and the whole complex is very comforting for outdoor activities. I think, during winter, walking around the park is a good strategy to make you warm.

BMW Museum. Of course it’s about BMW history, but since I came during Xmas holiday, it was closed and I only take a picture in front of the building.

Rathaus. Rathaus is a city council house. In Munich, this place has a big clock with dancing puppets. The puppet show only performs at noon daily.

Nymphenburg Schloss/Palace. This is the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria. Since it’s projected for summer, the view in winter is not as fascinating as it would be in summer. No flowers in the gardens and all the statues are covered. Hmm, maybe the statues are feeling cold.

Odeonplatz. In this place, you can find many statues and buildings from 19th century.

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