Registration in Consulate General

This is still about residence registration. The different is, this time I have to register myself in Consulate General of Indonesia. By registering myself, the Consulate General (and the Embassy) of Republic of Indonesia acknowledge my present in Germany. So if something unnecessary happened, for example I am having trouble with German law because I am dating German mafia, then my government can help me out of trouble. Yeah okay, I am too dramatizing the situation. But at least, it’s like that.

Although I am entering my 6th month of staying in Germany, I never have a chance to register myself. Why? Because to do this, I have to go to Hamburg. Yap, there’s no Indonesian Consulate General in Bremen. And my class always has been during working hours in full working days, so I really never have a chance. Well, actually it is possible to do it by mail. But sending away your passport isn’t a nice idea for me. That’s the only acceptable identification that I have here, how if there’s something happened. And what should I use as my ID during the process? Naah, I better just go there.

So finally now I get the chance. I am still in my winter break after the New Year. Before I go, I check into the Indonesian Consulate General website about the requirements for residence registration. It stated that I have to submit some copies of birth certificate, acceptance letter from the University, and evidence of my residence registration issued by local authority. SOOO… I prepare them all. And to prevent any other things, I also bring my whole documents in case they will ask about it. After 1hour of train ride, I arrive at Hamburg and then straight away learn the city map to find out how I can reach my destination. In short, I am there and telling the officers that I want to register myself. It turns out I just have to fill in 1 form and submit my passport size picture! No additional copy of documents needed. Uhm okay, this is a lot easier than I thought. Good then… Now I am officially registered and covered by my government. I swear, I am not gonna look for any trouble…!!!

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