Things to Do in Helgoland

Helgoland is famous as a tax free place. The main products that they sell here are liquors and perfumes. So either you want to get drunk cheaply or shopping for perfumes, Helgoland is the place.

Since it’s an island, of course the activities that you can do here are related to marine activities like sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc. But to tell you the truth, I never imagine doing such things in this cold weather island. I even couldn’t believe that I go to a beach with socks and jacket!!!

However, I manage to sail the North Sea in a cold weather before sunrise. Yeaaah, this tropical species can survive the cold north…!!!

For observing activities, bird watching and seal watching can be good choices. The hilly side of the island is the place for bird watching. And if you want to see seals, you have to go with boat to a dune nearby.

There’s also an aquarium that contains many collection from the nearby seas.

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