People in Munich

During my early days in Germany, I’ve heard many stereotypes about Northern people and Southern people. The major thing is that people in the North are grumpier and cold while in the South is the other way around. But I guess this stereotype isn’t applied if you compare Bremen and Munich.

I found that people in Munich is colder and rather individualist. They don’t smile and don’t interact each other. I know I could be wrong as I only visit the city for a few days. But these are the impression that I got. For example, if you are in an escalator, you have to stand in the right side to let other people can pass you in the left side. (Just like cars in the roads). If you don’t do this and make other people can’t pass you, they will express their complain to you directly rather than to give you a friendly or polite warning. Another example is when I saw an old (senior) lady facing difficulties in opening the S-Bahn door. Nobody helps her!!!! I don’t think this would happen in Bremen. Even for me who always late to come to the tram stop and have to run from some meters away, there’s always somebody who will hold the tram or bus door for me so I can jump in…!!! See…??!!

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Simone said...

I must say thats so funny to read. You talk about so many things i know exactly because I am German, but with different eyes. Looking on German behavior through the eyes of someone foreign is very exotic und you can learn a lot! I am very glad you also compare the Indonesian lifestyle so I also get information about your country and your people!