Places to Stay in Berlin

Actually there are many cheap places to stay in Berlin. If you google it, you can find hundreds (or even thousands) about it. But since I visit there during New Year celebration, it’s not easy to find a place to stay. They all fully booked.

But somehow I manage to get one nice accommodation. It comes from the lonely planet list. Although it supposes to be cheap but during New Year celebration, the price becomes irrational. But hey, what choice do I have? So I just take it. Beside, it is located strategically in the city centre area, so I guess the price is somehow rational now.

The vacant room is girl dormitory where you have to share one room with 6 persons. If you just need a place to sleep for awhile, then this kind of room is perfect. This room also have bathroom. But funnily, the toilet is outside! Isn’t that we use toilet more than shower…?

When I come to this hostel, everything is relatively clean and tidy. But when I left it, everything is a mess especially in the toilet. Trash of tissues is covering the floor and the mirrors are full with graffiti. Gosh, is that why the price is so high during New Year celebration, because people tend to do vandalism during that time?

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