People in Frankfurt

Yeah, it’s not fair to judge people in Frankfurt as I haven’t exploring much of the city. However I was so impressed by one of the taxi driver there.

When I have to travel by using the lifting service, I have to go to a small station in the evening. When I arrived there, it turns out that my ride is late and there’s no warm place for waiting. No shops around and no station lobby. Just an open space. And in December, it surely not a nice place to wait.

In this situation, I did something unthinkable. Well actually it’s my friend’s idea. He told me to go to a taxi stand and ask the driver to allow me going inside the car, so I can have a warm place while waiting. At first, I have a doubt to do it. I mean, c’mon! Giving privilege to other people for free while actually you can gain money from it… That sounds so impossible. At least, that’s what my big-city-background thinking. But the taxi driver that I come to, a nice old man, really let me in for free! Although he can’t speak English but he can understand me. And he really doesn’t want to take anything from me…!!! I feel so touched. All I can do is just wishing him all the best. I hope he will get a good karma from what he has done to me.

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