The Weather

As a tropical girl who loves going to tropical beaches, living in Bremen is not easy from the weather point of view. Bremen is in the northern part of Germany which means closer to the North Pole! Brrr…! It’s surely colder than the cities in the southern part.

To make it worst, raining is a daily agenda in Bremen. Just like Bogor but it’s 10 times colder! However the raindrops in here are smaller than in Indonesia. In here I could go out in a rain for 10 minutes and my clothes are not so wet, while in Indonesia I’ll be soaking wet. I guess that’s why the rain in Indonesia are called tropical rain, cause it’s different than the rain in 4-season countries.

Sunshine is an expensive thing in Bremen! Cloudy is normal :( I guess if there’s a pawang hujan (Oh well, I don’t know the English term for this. But this is a profession which prevent the rain to fall in certain areas as ordered) here, he has to work hard in moving all the clouds. Well it could be a good income, though!

Normal clouds in Summer.

When I travel from Bremen to Frankfurt, I notice that the clouds are getting less and less. And when I go back, the clouds are getting thicker and thicker.

Bremen is also windy. So although the sun is shining bright, still you can feel the cold that caused by the wind.

The average temperature is ‘some-teen’ degrees. 16 to 19 are common. In summer, it could reach more than 25 degrees but it doesn’t make you sweat a lot like in Jakarta. I guess humidity play a role in this. However, summer time also bejeweled by the clouds. So again, it’s hard for a tropical girl like me to live near the north pole :(

If there’s funny thing about the weather, it’s always raining in weekdays but it’s mostly sunny during weekend. [puzzled]

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