Dust Cleaner a.k.a. Broom

Although Germany is relatively cleaner than Indonesia but still dust is everywhere. Yes the chance of furniture getting dusty is slower than in Indonesia. But hey, it’s still dusty in the end.

In Indonesia we have to sweep everyday because dust is easy to settled everywhere. However, that’s not what I want to tell you about. In Indonesia we use broom made from coconut branch or stick. And of course, you can’t find that here. In here, brooms are made from plastic and it looks like the long brush that in Indonesia is used in bathrooms! So yes, it’s a bit funny to see people sweeping their front yard using toilet brush :D

For the rooms, small brush, plastic bulu ayam (Gosh, what’s the English term for this?), and vacuum cleaner are used. I don’t have vacuum cleaner yet and I still don’t have a friend who has vacuum cleaner. So for sweeping my room, I have to get down using the small brush like you can see here in the picture. So you can imagine how skillful I am in bending my knee :( I feel like I am having an Ospek

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