Arriving at Frankfurt, 30 July 2007

After about 16 hours of flight, finally we arrived at Frankfurt. Still 1 hour transit before continuing to Bremen. Again, it’s not easy to find a trolley. And after we find it, still there are some areas that disallowed trolley. So I have to juggle again, put in, take out, put in and take out again… I don’t know how many times I should do that. I lost count for it. But thankfully, we could have the trolley at the hardest part: walk along (very long!) the alley from the international arrival to the local departure.

Anyway, before we have to walk along the alley, there’s another check point to pass. And again, I have to take out the laptop for security reason. This time I already too tired so I can’t pack my backpack fast and create pretty long queue behind me. Gladly, nobody complains. Finally, I can arrive at the boarding room on time and depart to Bremen. No more funny things happened during the flight, Thank God! However, I am not sure whether I have learned about German culture from this trip or not. Am too tired to think.

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