Spices and Spicy Seasonings

As a girl who comes from the country that had been colonialized for its spices, German foods are considered to be tasteless. So it’s not surprise at all that it’s hard to find spices or spicy seasonings in the normal supermarkets. You have to go to Asian Market to find them.

However, I find 1 German supermarket in Bremen that sells these kinds of stuffs. It called Lestra. The choices are surprisingly various although most of them are in formed of powder and not fresh. But it’s really a good place to shop for these purposes. The price is a bit more expensive than regular supermarkets but if you want to have options, Lestra is the place.

However, I never saw any other branch of Lestra in Bremen.

Just don’t be surprise to find that most of spices and spicy seasonings products are made in Holland…

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