When I send pictures of my room to my family, one of the questions that I got is “Does the room have Air Conditioned?” Yeah, that’s so Indonesian standard. Tropical country is so hot, which make AC becomes primary need.

In this cold refrigerator land, I haven’t seen any AC at all. AC is only exist in the car. At least, that’s so far that I know. For buildings, and rooms, a heater is mandatory. Transportation means are also equipped with heaters.

Another building adaptation for the cold is having many glasses like a greenhouse. This is designed to generate a greenhouse effect, which will make the building warm in the inside. My Master Program Office is also having this type of building so we can take off our jacket once we’re inside as it’s so warm :)

When I have my language lesson, the building where I study is just a regular concrete building with glasses as its windows. In here, the cold still can creeping in so most of the times, I can’t take off my jacket :(

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