Lift sharers (part 1)

Maybe this kind of travel culture is growing because Germany has made nice cars. To travel from one city to another, there’s a service called Lift sharers.

So if you want to travel to another city, you can seek for people who also travel to the same destination at the same period (day and time). There’s a website that organize this information.

There, you can find not only who’ll travel to where in what time, but also the specification of the cars that they use, smoker or non-smoker type of drivers, language that the driver speaks, the fare that they offer and of course their contact details. Amazing!

The meeting point for this kind of travel is at the main station of each city. Of course you might end up with nothing, nobody travel to your destination at your desired time. However, this kind of travel is a good alternative for cheap travel.

I can’t imagine this kind of travel can be happened at Jakarta. Picking up strangers to our car. Yes I know that many of commuters have done this kind of travel where a person with a car, while commuting to Jakarta, also picking up passengers. So the driver could earn money and spend less on gasoline while the passengers could have a nice and comforting seat rather than the possibility of having no seat in public transportation. But to travel inter-city? Uhmm… I don’t think so. Or maybe I watch too many movies where most of the hitchhikers are killers or criminals.

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