Transit in Singapore, 29 July 2007

My flight route is Jakarta-Singapore-Frankfurt-Bremen. So after about 1 hour flight, we are having transit in Singapore for 3 hours. And while we have to step down from the plane, we also have to carry all the hand-carry with us. Great, it seems that I haven’t suffered enough. Annoyingly, I can’t find any trolley immediately. I have to walk about 100 m to finally find one.
Around 1 hour before our transit time ended, we go to the boarding room. This time, we have to pass another security check. But this time, and this is new to me, if you bring a laptop then you have to take it out and show it to the security checker. So there I am, already do a bit of circus to carry my 2 enormous backpacks steadily, and now I have to take out my laptop that already sink under my towel, socks, books and I don’t know what else. And still… I have to look cool. Sigh!

And again, I passed. Another long exhale and then I wait for the boarding call. However, until the transit time is over, no signs that the flight will be leaving soon. The passengers start being nervous and walking around in the boarding room. Then there’s an announcement from Lufthansa that the flight will be delayed due to the longer safety check or something like that.
When we finally allowed going into the plane and ready to depart, the captain inform us that the plane will arrive exactly as it scheduled before. Oh cool! So the plane will speeding and passes other planes during its flight!

On the plane, I don’t do anything much apart from sleeping. I am not interested with the offered TV program, beside, the TV is too far above, it causes me a neck pain if I watch it too long. Of course, don’t expect for play station… just sleep!

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