Unlike what Indonesian people think, it’s easy to find beras (uncooked rice) in Germany. In all supermarkets that I’ve been visited, I always can find beras. It is sold in a carton box of 500 gr or 1 kg. These beras mainly come from Thailand and Vietnam and there are many types of it.

But only one thing that you should notice: milk rice or not!

The milk rice type is pretty much the same like we have in Indonesia, which will turn into nasi pulen (the grain of rice is a bit sticky). While the non milk rice will turn into infamous nasi pera’ (the grain is loosely and usually used for nasi goreng or fried rice). Most Indonesian love nasi pulen, that’s why we have to be careful in buying the beras. Especially the price of non milk rice is cheaper than the milk rice.

If you consider that having non milk rice is okay cause you want to save your money, well consider it again cause the nasi pera’ here is worse than in Indonesia. The color is slightly brownish and it encrusted easily. So I think it’s better to pay a little more to get fully satisfaction in eating rice.

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