Oxfam Store

Oxfam is a humanitarian organization that started in England. They also have an office in Indonesia and I somehow familiar with their works. However, I just find out in Germany that they also have stores for their fund raising activities.

What makes it interesting, the items that they sell are second-hand items. And surprisingly, these items are still in good condition. So, it’s really far from the flea market image. In Bremen, they sell clothes, shoes, toys, dolls, books, CDs, and household related items. It’s really worth to shop here cause it’s cheap and you don’t have to examine the items in too detail. As you can see in the picture, I bought these shirts for only E 4.50 each!

So, even my friend, after I show him about this store, comments “After Oxfam, Flea Market is no longer needed for me”.

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