Mineral Water

Tap water is drinkable in Germany. So I wonder, “Why people still buy mineral waters?” In Indonesia, the tap water is undrinkable (unless you boil it first) that’s why many people buy mineral water for their drink. But in here, I don’t think it’s needed. Beside, why would you buy a drink that tastes the same as the free ones?

Then I get the answer, it doesn’t have the same taste. In Germany, mineral water contains CO2 like regular soft drink. So it tastes differently. In here, they call this kind of mineral water as ‘Sparkling mineral water’.

Yes, there’s a type of mineral water with no spark in it. But it’s rare. Otherwise it would go back to my question earlier: Why would people buy a drink that tastes the same as the free ones?

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha you are right.. same in here, we all drink mineral water, sparkling, and not sparkling (maybe more than Germans... ours is the country of mineral water!). Well, fact is, bottled water tastes better. Besides, once our tap water was not so drinkable... and old habits die hard!