Administration Fee

The most plus point for opening an account in Germany is there’s no administration fee :) :) :) So you can have a zero account forever without worrying that your account will be closed. And this is also applied in using internet banking. Cool, isn’t it? However, an account here is just an account. You don’t get any interest from your account. There’s another type of account if you want to get an interest.

But for ATM, they will charge you if you withdraw your money using other Bank’s ATM. Well, that’s life!

However, the funny thing is there’s an administration fee for conducting a transaction in the Bank! For example, if we want to save our money. If we go to the Bank and fill in the form, we’ll be charged for the form and the human resource (teller) costs. And the cost for each Bank is different. We’re encouraged to use the internet and machines. So in many places, there’re machines that can also receive money. Even just for printing our account record, there’s a specific machine for it! Funny, isn’t it? In Indonesia our account is deducted whenever we use all the facilities like ATM and internet but we never charged for forms that we use in Bank. Or maybe it’s already included in the whole monthly administration fee...

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