Internet Banking

As I stated before, in Germany we’re encouraged to use internet banking. No administration fee will be charged for all the transaction within Europe countries! I wish Indonesia could do the same in Asia…

So yes, it’s so efficient. You don’t have to go out from your home to make a transaction. Well of course in here, internet connection isn’t an issue. Even my friend who lives in a kampong, which never exists on the map, can access the internet easily.

But… here comes the funny part.
Although the transaction you made is successful, the saldo or balance of your account reminds the same until midnight! So, suppose you make a transaction at 10 AM, buying a credit/ voucher for your phone account. On the screen you are told that the transaction is successful. And your phone credit is increased. However, your balance will not change until almost midnight!

So don’t be pleased if you buy many things but then your balance reminds the same. It seems that they collect all the transaction within a day and then calculate it! That’s so strange. I am using Bank Mandiri in Indonesia, and they always provide a real time data. Whenever I made any transaction, my balance is adjusted directly. In this issue, Indonesia rules!

Another funny thing…
In performing a transaction, we’re required to put a confirmation code. It’s nothing new with this. Bank Mandiri also required the same. However what makes it funny, in Germany the confirmation code is written in a large table! So we have to look on a specific row and column to put in the confirmation code. And watching many numbers in a small font isn’t easy. While in Indonesia, we use a small device called ‘token’ as presented in the picture on the right. We just have to input the number from the internet and then press enter, the confirmation code is ready. Talking about hi-tech country, eh?

Now, here’s a thought. How if I bought many things from e-Bay and then at the same day I close my bank account ;)

Internet Banking is only a Machine

As in other normal procedure, you can change your login number and password after you register it. So to make it easy for me in memorizing my bank account, I want to change it also.

And so I did it. It worked… well, at least for 1 transaction. After that, it doesn’t work anymore! I can’t login either using with my new or old login name and password!!! In the end I have to go back to the Bank office to address this issue. Apparently there’s technical problem that cause it. So my account has to be reset again. And as you might guess, it takes days to do that! Sigh…

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