Walking is very pleasant in Germany (and maybe for Europe as well). The side walk is sufficient and the road signs are everywhere. Pedestrians are respected (well sometimes we’re not, by bicycle riders). But by car riders, our rights are appreciated.

If we walk passing an exit way of supermarket parking lot, for example, the car that wants to go out at the same time, will give us a chance to pass.

It also happens if we cross the street. Sometimes, the traffic light for pedestrians turns red while we are still walking in the middle of the street. In this situation, cars will wait. So it’s nice to walk as I don’t have to give my middle finger or popping my eyes cruelly to car riders in Jakarta whenever I cross the street.

I notice that some people here are just crossing the street without paying attention to the traffic light. Just like in Indonesia. With this, I don’t have any problem to adapt ;)

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