Body Adaptation

The natural way and surely the most pleasant way in adapting to the cold weather is: eating a lot! [yummy!]. By eating a lot, there’re a lot to burn inside your body and then there’re many calories to produce to keep your body warm. I think, now I have more excuses to eat a lot rather than just for making my mouth shut.

Of course there’s a side effect for this, you can get fat! In my first month, I gain 2 kilos. And after 2 months, suddenly I need bigger clothes! (Of course at first I thought there’s something wrong with the washing machine, as I feel all my clothes are shrinking:( )

Another adaptation for your body, which is probably unpopular, is to get a cold shower! Am not joking… I am sure there’s a physics explanation about this like thermodynamic or so, but am not good at it. But it’s true, after having a cold shower, I can stand the cold! Yes it takes a very brave mental to do it, and I use to pray a lot before showering the cold water to my body. But it’s worth it. Of course it doesn’t mean that you can stand the cold forever. After some hours, you can feel cold again and it’s up to you whether you still want to challenge yourself or not. But again, it’s really worth it.

On a contrary, if we take a hot or warm shower, we’ll feel cold after it. Yes it’s nice to have warm water flowing on your body but as soon as you turn off the valve, you’ll start feeling cold and even shacking.

To get a balance, I usually take cold shower in the morning. I do this is to warm myself and to wake my nerves up in facing the day. And in the night, I have a warm shower to relax my nerves and muscles before going to sleep. Yes I feel cold after the warm shower, but hey I duck into my blanket right away, anyway!

I notice having shower 2 times a day isn’t a popular custom in here. Even many of my Indonesian friends are leaving their 2-times-shower-a-day habit in here. They only take shower once a day, and even my friend who have stayed for a year only take shower twice a week! Well I don’t blame them. The weather really prevents us to be sweaty and stinky. So having no shower in here won’t cause you many problems as in Indonesia.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about "wechselduschen"?. If you take a shower, you'll begin with warm water and finish it with cold water. I always take shower that way. It is good for your blood circulation and you won't out from your bath room shaking. Try it!