Flea Market

Like everywhere in the world, second-hand or used items are still attracted for people and worth to buy. In Germany, every weekend there’s what so called Flea Market or Flohmarkt that sells used items. In Bremen, this Flea Market is located in the side of Wesser River.

The items sold here are used items from a person or household. It can be clothes, books, CD record, bicycle, anything! It’s not a big business like in Makassar or Kendari where they imported used clothes, bag, and shoes from other countries and then sell it.

Of course you have to be attentive in choosing the items as most of it can’t be tested. And the good thing is, you can bargain in here. I think every girl have natural talent in bargaining.

Sometime, there’re also new items sold in the Flea Market. For example, I buy new Tupperware container here. It seems that the vendor is a member of Tupperware MLM network, that’s why he can offer unused products. I also buy a new towel from the Flea Market. I guess the vendor is somehow a distributor. Other new products that we can find here are electricity stuffs like cable, jack, lamp, battery, flashlight, etc. Usually they are Chinese products.

In general, Flea Market is not much different than Friday Market at Mosques in Indonesia. And probably before I return to Indonesia for good, I’ll end up in the Flea Market selling my stuffs.

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