Melamine Housewares

In Indonesia, my household uses melamine housewares to be practical. It’s cheap, light and unbreakable so we don’t need a specific handling for it. So when I come to Germany, I also look for this type of housewares for my dining utilities.

Surprisingly, I can’t find one. Dining set is always made from breakable materials. Even for children, the dining set is still heavy and breakable! Well there’re a few stores that sell plastic dining set for children but of course it’s not compliance with what I want. Children plates are smaller. Beside, I can’t find Avatar cartoon characters so far. So I don’t buy it.

I have also looked at the camping equipments but camping plates are made by aluminium and expensive. Well I try to be practical, not to be stylish or show off. So I don’t understand why there’re no melamine plates in Germany. Are they prohibited? Or just out of fashion?

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Anonymous said...

asti, try to find them on eBay!
keyword: melamin