German Language - Introduction

In general, German language is so difficult. Even German people themselves admit it. So imagine, what kind of difficulties that I have in learning it. Just to read the word, it already causes me a trouble as German words dominantly contain many consonants. Don’t believe me? How many consonants that you have in the word ‘Deutschland’?

Anther problem is the noun gender like in Spanish and most of other language. It’s not easy to memorize which one is masculine, feminine, or neutral. But hey, I am just a foreigner. People understand if I keep using the wrong gender. Well of course, except my German language teacher…


Giagia01 said...

I just found your blog and it looks interesting to me. At the momment i'm interested in learning German myself and planning to do my Master degree in Germany by 2015. I have to admit that German is not an easy language, after few months working on it but not consistently coz i sometimes feel bored when learning along, my German now still stop at basic words and phrases.
Any advice for me?\
P/S. Ich heisse Hieu und komme aus Vietnam.

asti said...

Hi Hieu!

Thanks for dropping by. I think the best way to learn German is being exposed in any possible ways. For examples: watching German movies, reading German comics, talking to native speakers, etc.

Good Luck!