In Indonesia, swimming is the only sport that I do, because it won’t make me sweating. Indonesia is so hot, you don’t need to do any sport to get sweat. But in Germany, actually I need to sweat because it’s cold.

However, swimming is the only sport that I am comfortable to do. So I have to continue swimming. Luckily, in here beside summer time, the swimming pool is an indoor one. During summer, only outdoor swimming pools are open.
If there’s anything strange about it, the pool has funny opening time. It opens at 06.30AM until 09.00AM everyday and only in some days has afternoon or evening hours. The reason is, the pool has many various program so the opening hours for public is limited. The program that the pool has is swimming training, senior class, etc.

For this activity, I take the morning time. I go swimming before my class started.

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