One way to survive the winter is to keep in mind that after winter is over, then spring time will come. Aaah… spring…! Time where all the trees and flowers bloom, birds are back and sing, the clouds are gone… So when I enter the month of March, I feel optimistic.

And yes, the blunt trees start to have leaf and flower again. The bird’s sing can be heard from early in the morning. The temperature starts to increase slowly. But just when you think that everything is getting better, the weather will let you down!

One time, the sun is shining so bright. The temperature is so warm; it makes you want to go out. So I go out to downtown. But then in the afternoon, it’s slowly getting darker and colder. And finally it’s raining. Even the change of weather is already surprising, cause you have a bright sunny day but then turns into raining. But that’s not the only surprise, the rain is an icy rain!

Other time, I wake up in the morning and open my curtain. I surprise to find out that I see snow covering the whole place!!! When is this snow coming? And then when I feel ready to have a cold day, the sun is coming brightly and melting all the snow…!!! Weird!!!

So after those 2 experiences, I am not going to hope too much with all the season here. I don’t care whether there’re 4 seasons or 100. It’s all the same to me. Mostly are cold and unpredictable.

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