Social Value in Sport

There’s a different social value of sport activities in Indonesia and Germany. Well at least, that’s what I experience. In Indonesia, before we start the training session then the trainer or at least someone in charge will open the training session. This person will start making small conversation to participants before the training start. And that’s not happening here in Germany. The person in charge is just greeting the participants and that’s all. Nothing more.

Outside the training session itself, no social gathering at all. For example, if the training session hasn’t started yet, then the already-arrived participants don’t mix together. They will wait separately. Also when the training session is over. The participants just go away. So if you are alone in joining the training then probably you will always be alone. I don’t say that you can’t make friend, but probably you’ll just keep having chit chat forever. A very different situation compare to Indonesia. The time before and after trainings are time for social gathering, where people just hang out together and talking. Friendship and probably business can be start from this point. Nobody will be left alone or ignored.

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