German Mating Behavior

Okay, since now I know that German guys only being flirty at certain places, I want to know what they will really do to start it.

My German classmate has given me advice for this kinda behavior and called it as ‘German Mating Behavior’. He said, single and available persons will just dance alone in the dance floor so he or she can be spotted by others. So if you spotted a guy or a girl dancing alone, and you like it, then try to make an eye contact. And the rest will be followed.

So, to test this, I made my own observation. At that time, I dance with my 3 girlfriends. And apparently this is enough to attract single guys surrounding us. They dance around us and try to become part of our circle. I think the next part will be how the girl reacted. The girl has to make ‘clear clue’ that she accepts the guy. At that time, I didn’t find any interesting guy around, so I avoid making an eye contact with them. Oh well, at least now I know how to play the game ;)

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Anonymous said...

Pfff haha....dancing alone

That s so embarrassing . I could never do it.

(Albanian girl)