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Luisental is the name of my student apartment.

When finally it’s the time for me to occupy my new room, I am extremely happy. Although my contract is started at March 1st, but since that date is Saturday, I am allowed to move in February 28th.

Yes, yes, yes!!! What I like about my new room is it’s in a second floor so I can open my curtain wide without having a feeling that everybody is watching me. Previously, my room is in the 1st floor, so it seems that everybody that passes in the road is watching through my window. And also, my new room is facing toward East direction. So I can get morning sunlight, something that I can’t get from my old room. Well I think it’s important to get morning sunlight in here cause usually the sunshine only happen before noon. After noon, most of the time, the sun is covered by heavy clouds.

Since my new room is in the same building as my old one, then the design and furniture are all the same. But… there’s a slightly difference. Everything that is in the left side before, now it’s in the right side. For example, in my old room, if I enter the room then the kitchen is on my left side while the bathroom is on the right side. And in my new room, the kitchen is on my right side and the bathroom is on my left side!!! So there I am, spending my first week just to get use to of myself. I keep looking for a light button in the right side or touching the right side of the window for opening it…

This is how my new room looks like.

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