Copy Service

I really miss the copy service in Indonesia. How come I don’t… There, if you want to copy something, you go to the copy shop and just give what you want to copy. There’ll be operator that provides the copy service. You just have to wait until it finished. And if the queuing is too long, you can just drop your document and leave. You can comeback again later when the document is (predictably) copied.

In Germany, dream on! Don’t wish to have that kind of service…! In here, you are expected to master every machine that exists in the world. If you go to a copy shop, they will just direct you to go to available copy machine and then you have to do the copy process by yourself! Each copy machine has its own counter, so you will be charged by the calculation from the counter.

Luckily, I am pretty familiar with copy machine from my previous office; so I can prevent any unnecessary charge in wasting paper to get the exact copy as I want to. I don’t know how it’s gonna be if I need special kind of copy like to enlarge or minimize it because all the instructions are in German.

Now I wonder, how about binding and laminating services, do I also have to do it by myself? Gosh, why should I pay if I have to do it by myself…???

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