As an Indonesian, playing badminton is just like German with football. It’s a common one and people expect you to be good on it just because your country has won many international championship. So, when there’s ‘sport holiday program’ during spring break, I submit myself to badminton. I thought, how hard would that be? I am Indonesian…

But apparently I am being extremely cocky. In the first day, there are 3 girls in the court. And since I come late, so I don’t have a choice; I have to play against a guy. And this guy isn’t just a regular guy. He’s so good at badminton.

I think in less than 30 minutes, I already feel my whole body burning. I am so thirsty, tired, my muscle all sore. Well now I know what’re the different in playing in Indonesia and Europe. In Indonesia, I used to play in the street. This means, the match is mostly disrupted because the ball falls into a gutter or stuck in a tree. And sometime, there’s a car passing by so you have to stop for awhile. So, I think these Europeans are always playing in the proper place: indoor stadium or so. Not to mention about the quality. I think all people who join the badminton program are not beginners. They must have been joining a club before. I think they are not challenged at all whenever they play with me. And if I join a double game, I become the target for the opponent to gain points.

In the end, I feel completely collapsed. My arm, especially my right arm; my back; my hips; my asses; my legs, everything are in pain. Even my palm can’t be opened widely because I grip the racket too long. I need about 3 days to recover.

And I think after playing it in a month, nobody wants to play with me anymore because I am such a baby to them. Once the trainer plays with me, and he doesn't even move a muscle. Me? Oh I am surely having a good sport, running around here and there to chase the ball; while he just standing in the middle of his site the whole time!

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