Indorock Festival

After being a very successful in organizing Slank concert my friend decided to organize another concert. Maybe he will become famous concert organizer in Indonesia someday. He organized one for New Year’s party but at that time I was in Indonesia.

This time, he organizes a rock festival called Indorock Festival. Indonesian bands from all over Germany are invited to compete here in Bremen. The winner will get € 100.

Eight bands are registered including one from Bremen. Others are from Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hannover. Most of band members are students.

Since I am back in Bremen now, so I was asked to participate in organizing this festival. But since I don’t have much spare time, I decided to work only at the D-Day. I got tasks in the entrance door to check bands registration and selling tickets.

The available tickets are 80 but we managed to sell 91!!! That’s a very nice income as we only depend on the ticket sales for covering this activity. We didn’t think that many people will come because the price is not cheap (€ 7). Hmm, maybe if we lower the price, more people will come; as the reception room in Tabak Börse could accommodate more than 100 people… Most of the audiences are, of course, Indonesians. It’s so nice to meet many Indonesian people in one place.

The festival starts at 8 PM with each band have to perform 3 songs. The juries then pick 3 best bands and they have to play 2 more songs to become the winner. In the end, a band from Berlin called “Gast Poll” wins the festival. They are also my favorite because I think they are the only band who plays rock music constantly. Other bands play pop also. But this band, they play Jamrud songs very good and make people jumps on their feet.

The concert ends at 3 AM!!! During the show, I steal some time to sleep for awhile. But still, I come home very tired at 5 AM. I fall asleep right away and I feel like I am only sleeping for awhile; but when I see my watch, it shows 3 PM!!! Well it’s Sunday, so I just continue being lazy for the whole day.

[Photos courtesy of Hawis Madduppa]

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