Full Cream Milk

In Indonesia, I am so crazy with full cream milk. This milk isn’t for drinking as it is; but it’s a part of mixture with others. For example, avocado juice in Indonesia means you have blended avocado with chocolate full cream milk as a topping. Also, there’s a drink called ‘Happy Soda’ which is a mixture of soda water and white full cream milk. I am also love to mix my own drink; like ginger tea latte, green tea latte, etc.

Well I didn’t do it in my first stay in Bremen because I don’t really miss it. But during my research days in Indonesia, I keep doing it so now I would like to continue mixing some drinks. But then, what’s a ‘full cream milk’ in German version?

Full cream milk is a condensed milk so I try to search for non-liquid milk. I found some so-called condensed milks, but when I shake them, the sound of shaking is loud which means the milks are not so condensed. The closest thing for condensed milk is a cream; but this is also not what I am looking for, it’s too solid. So after I shake the whole section of milk products, I realize that I couldn’t find it. But when I look in the jam products, I find this Nestle’s condensed milk. It’s used like a jam for toast bread. In the picture I can see that this is the condensed milk that I am looking for. I buy it and it’s exactly what I am looking for. So now I can start mixing my drinks again…

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Ivana said...

ehheheheh We have the same in Brazil...You must teach me that drinks recipes! I usually find it in Asia shop... and also sometimes I saw in regular supermarkets sometimes in the same cans we have there :) As I told you... there is a lot in common between Indonesia and Brazil... :)