Autograph from International Football Star

For all my life, I never got any autograph from any International Star. Never! You name it, movie stars, football stars, politicians… Never!

Okay I may sound exaggerating because I got Werder Bremen players autograph during Werder Bremen Fans Day; but this time it’s more special.

Remember Ivana? The Brazilian girl who work as publicist for Portuguese-speaking footballers; and found me through this blog? It’s her idea to give me this sweet present. When she interviews Diego, the Brazilian star in Werder Bremen, she asked him to sign his picture designated to me…!!!

As you can see here, it’s Diego’s autograph with saying “Für Asti”. I am so surprised and happy, of course, to receive this sweet present. It’s surely another new experience for me. Thanks Ivana!

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Ivana said...

you are so sweet... ;) Tks for the nice post. Love it!