Hooligans’ Lesson Learned

In May 20th, Werder Bremen plays for UEFA Cup final against Shaktar Donetsk from Ukraine.

I am so excited with this; because if Werder wins, then I’ll have a chance to experience having a whole-city-party due to football. I have missed that chance last year when Germany lost against Spain in European Cup final.

To watch the final, me and my friend went to a well known club called Largehaus; where it uses to host various cultural events. There, they have big screen and many people really crowd the place.

But as the world know it by now, Werder lost :( And there goes my chance to experience the football party in the city…. :(

Surprisingly, well to my Indonesian standard, of course, there is no riot on the street. Of course many police are there, watching us. But surely, it if would happen in Indonesia, there will be a riot and street lamps would end up tumbling down…

Okay, that’s the difference between hooligans on developed country and hooligans from developing country, I guess….

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