German League Cup

Finally….!!! My dream comes true…. Mission accomplished!

I got a chance to experience the city party due to football. As a football mania; I grew up watching this kind of celebration on TV. I watched how the football heroes were welcomed with huge party all over the city. And since I never had any experience of that, I really want to know how it feels. (Well if you wonder why I never had the experience; let’s just say it’s due to Indonesian football achievements. Go figure!).

When Werder Bremen reached the UEFA Cup Final; I thought I would get my chance. I am really ready for that. Really! But as it happened, they lost; and I loose my chance.

Another chance comes from the German League Cup Final. This time, I wouldn’t dare to expect so much; I am afraid to end up in a disappointment again. So this time, I didn’t go to city centre for watching the game. I just stay at my neighbor’s to watch it.

But apparently, the moment has arrived for Werder Bremen. They won 1-0 against Bayer Leverkusen. And I know, my chance has come :)

The game was on Saturday. In Sunday morning, I wake up and pay attention to the radio; waiting for the announcement of the welcoming party. Although my German still bad; but I can catch important keywords about the party. It started at 14.00 from central station and will end at the balcony in the city centre.

So I go there. I am already late in central station so I decide to wait at city centre. It is as I expected, a lot of people with Werder Bremen accessories are there. Old, young, babies; they all smiling, cheering, singing, and a little bit of dancing. The party is organized by the local radio station. It has many sound amplifiers, big screen, and stage. They play some music and mainly Werder Bremen songs. It’s a very nice atmosphere; especially the weather is also nice. So finally, this is it. This is how it feels. It feels nice.

Of course it’s getting nicer as the players parade come. People cheer them. I can’t see much as I am drowned amongst the German giants; but it doesn’t matter. I still can’t see much when the players standing on the balcony; especially because I stand on a side part not in front of. But I join all the ceremony; singing and shouting the yells.

The balcony ceremony last around one hour; and after that people start to become less crowded. Off all thousands of people, I only meet one person that I know; and she helped me in taking picture of me, the only picture of myself that I have from the party :)

However, apparently the party is not over yet. The players then appear on the stage outside the building. This time I get a better chance to see the players although from a distance. Another cheering is filling the air; and after around 30 minutes, the players are gone which mean the party ceremony is over.

I decide to go home after; so I go to the nearest tram station to wait for my tram. And what a surprised, the Werder Bremen bus is there; ready to bring the players back. Well, why rush in going home; beside the tram still on hold until the bus passes. So I take my chance to give my final wave to the players.
Thanks Werder Bremen... Thanks for making my dream comes true :)
For video, check out at Werder Bremen - Pokalsieger 2009

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