Visa Application 2012

My journey to Germany started at the visa application process.  Although it seems a normal process, but I had some dramas regarding visa.  (See administration).  In addition, the service in German Embassy Jakarta tends to be stiff.  I know they try to be discipline, efficient, and in-order, but for Indonesians, it is too tense.  From the moment one wants to enter the embassy, the thorough scanning of our bag and cellphone has made one feels nervous already.  And then, the documents check and the interview can add more pressure, as the visa staffs want the short and fast answers.  So yeah, it’s a bit depressing.

So when I had to apply for my visa, those memories came again and somehow I felt nervous from the beginning, especially I didn’t have flexible time due to the fact that I work in East Kalimantan.  In addition, before going to Germany, I had to travel to Australia, which means I only had limited time to get my German visa done.  If a problem occurs, I don’t know what will happen.  It would disturb the balance of my work and travel schedule.
Photo by: Rizya Ardiwijaya

So that’s the condition when I wanted to apply.  I tried my best in preparing the document, but still I felt unsure.  But then, there was the surprised.  The process was not as stiff as before.  Yes, there was a thorough scanning but the officers were so friendly.  They chatted to me and even made a joke!  Now that sounds more Indonesian…  Furthermore, the visa staffs also had the same attitude.  When I made a mistake of submitting the photo as required, she explained nicely about how to get it done fast so I could finish my application in less than one hour!  In short, the visa application process had different attitude now.  It was nicer and friendlier.  Well done!  I wonder if there is any evaluation of this new attitude, I am sure that it increases the productivity J

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